At the Starting Line….Again

We’ve been together for almost 12 years. During that thing very few things have remained constant. They are:

#1 Our love for each other (most of the time)

#2 Our love of food (all of the time)

#3 Our unhappiness with our physical appearance

We are a fun, smart, professional people…so why has it been such a struggle to get this whole ‘healthy’ thing down?!? To be honest- because it isn’t easy. We have so many priorities (kids, house, work, sports, etc.) that we have let the “urgent” become the “important”. For more often than I am willing to admit, we thought they were the same thing.

In an effort to set a better example for our children, and add a better foundation to our marriage- John and I have set out on this adventure of wellness. Based on the support, and past results we’ve received- we’ve been finding support in our Advocare journey. This journey has begged as many questions as it has results. As John and I approached our next 24 Day Challenge, we decided that we were going to blog our journey. The good, the bad, the ugly. The successes and the failures. All.the.things. We will each check in often to chat about what is going on with us, both to give two different perspectives as well as the male/female opinion. Wish us luck!

This is just as much to show what the challenge is as it is to show what it isn’t.  It’s as much to hold us accountable as it is to celebrate our victories.  Advocare is awesome for us…we just hope we can help show other people that it might be awesome for them!

For more information on Advocare, check out our site!

Megan and John



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