Gentle and Uneventful(ish)




So I have to preface this post by saying that I have the best coach in the world. What I love about Advocare (other than the results) is the support that you get from your team. Any time I have a question, concern, weird noticing, etc. I call Anna. When I have a distributor that asks a question (yes!) , voices a concern (yes yes!) etc. I call Anna. She is awesome.

I had to say that first because what I am about to say will make you feel really badly for Anna, but it will give you insight into how the cleanse is going. I guess this is a good place to warn you that this post contains potty talk…so if that makes you queasy-take note.

You see, the first part of the cleanse includes a fiber supplement. In the past- it hasn’t been my favorite , but John has helped me find great ways to hide it so that I don’t even notice it anymore! Well- fiber has a job. And my fiber was doing it’s job….really well. Today alone I made three trips to the restroom. Before Advocare my ‘trips’ were like 3x a week…if that. THAT IS NOT NORMAL. I didn’t know that- but it’s not. So after trip #3, I texted Anna to get her advice (should I back off on the fiber? Am I missing a component to my diet that might balance things out?) Y’all- I texted the woman about poop!! And you know what? She responded. Without hesitation we had a discussion to figure it out. Yup. Poop. Now, I know what some of you all are thinking- I’m not taking that -I don’t want to poop at work. But never fear. I’ve been on antibiotics for a LONG TIME over the past few months (surgery, ongoing ear infection, etc.) and I think that is impacting how much the fiber is impacting me. When I’ve done the cleanse in the past, it has not been like this. Now- I will point out that even with my ‘trips’ being more frequent, they are not painful or urgent. I’m not cramping or otherwise uncomfortable. I giggle a little because when Anna explains this part of the challenge (much more appropriately than I am sharing here), she describes it as ‘gentle and uneventful’….I would more describe to day as ‘eventful but gentle’.

Other than that- today was great. I had so much energy that my 7am-7pm work day wasn’t even a thing. I plowed straight through and ate my planned meals. I can tell that my hunger isn’t as aggressive as prior to Advocare. There are tiny bowls of Hershey kisses all over my office, and usually I’d swear that if you stood still- you could hear them calling my name. Now- it “aint nothing but a thing”. Not only that, but usually I’d be STARVING by 7 pm (especially when I ate an early lunch at 11:30). Again- this would be my excuse to ‘grab something’ and drive through diet. NOT TODAY. The freedom that controlling my hunger gives me is empowering. I can’t decide if I like that or the energy better.

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have to choose!

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: vanilla meal replacement shake with 1 scoop of PBFit and a banana (those who                          know me know that I am not a shake person, but this was AWESOME and it                                  tasted like a bananas foster milkshake!)

Snack: banana (I know…but I was trying to combat the fiber!)

Lunch: leftover salsa chicken w/ quinoa

Snack: apple

Dinner: Hummus chicken ( with squash and zucchini and kale and broccoli slaw salad. The chicken was a new recipe and it was DELICIOUS! Find it here.

You can find the challenge, and the meal replacement shakes (and everything else!) Here! 

Have a great night y’all!!


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