The Eternal Pessimist

As I sit here and type this, Day 4 of our 24 Day Challenge is winding down. I am pretty proud of my effort over these first days. Eating has always been my go to when I have been bored, stressed, angry, happy, you name it. Over these four days, I have used food as a tool rather than a reliever.

I am not going to lie and tell you it has been easy. It has not. After the kids are in bed is the worst. I want to go make popcorn or have an ice cream sandwich, but having my wife next to me telling me that is not a good idea is incredible. I could not do it without her.

This extends to running as well. On Wednesday night I was throwing every excuse out there to not run….. It was 9:15 PM…… I was tired….. I had work to do…… She gently reminded me how great I feel afterwards. I went and, although it wasn’t my best, I did feel great afterwards.

I take a cocktail of Spark and Catalyst prior to my run and, as I mentioned to others, it feels like I hit another gear on my run. My career best 5K is 30:30, which was a road race with other competitors. Earlier this week, I hit 31:04 running by myself. I am going to start running 5K races in September and I hope to break my record on my first one.

It’s almost freeing to come home from work and not what to first pass out on the couch or the bed. On Wednesday, we came home and I took both kids outside with the dog to practice softball. In the past, that would not be an option and they would park themselves on the couch and watch cartoons.

I say all this to tell you how much Advocare has changed my life and would love to help you change yours. Those of you that know me well know that I am two things. First, I am the eternal pessimist. I want things to not work, because I knew they wouldn’t. Also, you know I am not a salesman. If I were forced to go door-to-door for a job I would end up homeless. Point is, I would not be writing a blog on the products if they did not work.

Tomorrow marks the half way point of our cleanse phase before me move to the max portion. I absolutely cannot wait to share with you our results.

Here is the link to our site. Check out the best sellers!


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