I’m having an affair


I’m having an affair, and my mistress is food.  Don’t get me wrong, Advocare makes me feel amazing. I have energy through the roof, the food that aligns with the challenge is AH-MAZ-ING (how people did this before facebook support groups and pinterest is beyond me)….but it seems to address everything other than my head.   I, like every other free person in the world want a ‘quick fix’. For me- I want a quick fix for my head. Something to intercept the thoughts of temptation and make me NOT have them. Advocare does lots of things— but that isn’t one of them.

Needless to say, yesterday was a bit rough. It started out GREAT. I forgot my lunch, but quickly came up with a decent back up plan. Then I had to leave work early to pick Cameron up and get him downtown to a doctor’s appointment. I had given myself about an hour and forty five minutes to grab him,  grab lunch (Chick fil A grilled chicken nuggets and a fruit cup was what I came up with) and get downtown. Well- Atlanta traffic had something to say about that. So did the line wrapped around Chick-fil-A. So I drove through the only place that was empty on my way…Wendy’s. I ordered a grilled chicken sammy with no mayo and planned to take the bread off and eat the chicken with the lettuce and tomato. Great? no, but it would do. That and a water are all I ordered. So I get my bag and drive away towards the interstate when the smell of heaven hits my nose. Oh – in case you aren’t familiar with what heaven smells like- it’s french fries. WHAT?! This had to be some cruel joke. I grabbed my chicken (not a car friendly choice, but I made it work) and tried to ignore. Y’all- it took me an hour and a half to get to the doctor. Being late makes me super anxious- being anxious makes me eat. I’m not gonna lie. I ate some. I ate four french fries full of guilt. I didn’t even enjoy them I felt so guilty. Not because I was eating them (listen- I’m not going to be perfect every day), but because I didn’t even want to and I did anyway.

It was like my body was on autopilot and I didn’t have control.

Wait…what?!?!? That very thought is what brought me back to earth. I felt like a Kindergartner that said “I didn’t mean to do it”. I started chastising myself the way that I would if it were my daughter.

Everything we do is a choice. Ev.ery.thing. Whether it be easy or hard…right or wrong…it’s a choice. And I have to own all of mine. The fries being in the bag were not Gods way of telling me to eat them (a justification that I might have used in the past…yes- seriously)- they were a teenage food worker’s mistake. I shoved them to the ground.

When I walked into the doctors office, there was a magazine open on the only empty seat available. The message there was enough to make me chuckle.  If the french fries weren’t a sign from God- this surely was. So much so that I took a picture of it and put it at the top of this post.  There IS no magic pill. The only pill is ME. My choices, my plans, and my vision. (Just to test this, God put a King of Pop’s stand outside his doctors office giving away free popcicles…..I know that was God…those are my FAVORITE…nomnomnom…but I resisted)

The rest of the day was better, and even more so because I know that though Advocare isn’t a magic pill- it is a choice that I’ve made. The best choice I’ve made thus far. It might not work for me, but it does work with me.

What I ate yesterday: Wait…did you not read above?! Don’t do what I did. Instead I’ll tell you what I’m going to eat today 🙂

Breakfast: Yummo breakfast bowl (leftover ground turkey that I spiced with some cayanne pepper, chopped sweet potatoes, with 2 eggs over the top and a scoop of avocado)

Lunch: Breakfast was SUPER filling so I will plan to have a shake here

Dinner: New recipe! Chicken Sausage Jambalaya – you can find the recipe here


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