Feeling great and making money too

Today (Monday), marks day #8 on Megan and I’s journey through the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. After today, we have just two days left on the Cleanse Phase before we move on to the Max Phase, which involves different supplements.

I cannot tell you how good I feel. I was concerned that I would cheat on a frequent basis, but that has not happened. This is probably the time that I tell you that I cheated on Saturday night and it did not feel good.

I felt gross. No more cheating.

After cheating on Saturday night, I punished myself by pushing myself on my run on Sunday morning. I was able to run 2.3 miles without stopping!! I like to believe my cocktail of Spark and Catalyst 30 minutes before my run helped with that.

Oh well, back to the grind on Monday, which I almost prefer because there is less time to think about food. When we woke up, Megan and I hopped on the scale (as we frequently do, which is probably not a good thing), and had extremely positive results just a week into the challenge. I am not going to give you our results until the end, but its pretty incredible.

Yes, Megan and I do sell Advocare (which we will get to in a minute), but there is an easy way for you to get a 20% discount on the products.

If actively selling isn’t for you (and it’s really not for me), I still suggest you sign up as a distributor. For $79 dollars you get three boxes of Spark and a 20% discount for the rest of your life.

No monthly automatic orders.

No minimum sales goals.

No strings attached.

A 20% discount on products you may order from another distributor (like us!) anyway. There is no pressure.

Here is a link to sign up as distributor:


If you do sign up, you will have Megan and I there for you for any questions you might have.

Now on to the actively (and I use that term loosely) selling part

There are not many (legal) things out there that make you feel great and can make your wallet feel great as well. Advocare is one of them. When Megan came to me and wanted our friends and coaches Anna and Michael Smith to come and speak to us on the business end of Advocare, I rolled my eyes and was the greatest skeptic in the world.

Then a couple of weeks later, we received a check from Advocare for around $100. I was now intrigued. What did we do to get that money? I asked Megan and she had a friend sign up as a distributor and she bought some product.

Now I was more willing to meet with Anna and Michael.

While we aren’t in it for the money (more for the healthy aspect), it has been nice to receive a couple of checks for very little work.

Here are our first two checks

transparent-95031For me, the products sell themselves once you experience them. I am pretty pumped to be able to share with you our 24-day results so you can start on them as well.



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