Excuses are like…….

Today (Friday) is day 19 on our Advocare 24-Day Challenge, but it is much more than that and I will get to that in a minute. First, I want to talk about a personal change that has occurred with me and that is excuse making, specifically when it comes to working out.

In the past, when I knew I needed to go run, the smallest things would get in my way, like:

It’s too cold…..

It’s too hot….

I’m too tired….

I just ate dinner (an hour ago)……

I ran yesterday (or even the day before)….

I could keep going and I am sure these sound familiar to you. While many of those things are true, they are just roadblocks in the way of a healthy lifestyle. I remember a coach in high school who would use the famous saying regarding excuses and it has stuck with me since then. The hard part is realizing these are excuses and to push through the roadblocks. Yeah it may be cold, but bundle up. Yeah you may be too tired, but push through and you will actually have more energy after. An hour ago for dinner? Really? I think you’re good. Yeah it may be too hot, but drink some water and wear light clothing.

I get this can be a little harsh, but being out of shape is more than a little harsh and it lasts much longer than a 30 minute-to-1 hour workout. Like Megan said, our children are influenced on a daily basis by us and, as a teacher, the excuse making is carried down just like a gene. The last thing you want is your children making excuses in school.

To help with getting through the roadblocks, you need an accountability partner. Mine is Megan, my wife and she is incredible. When I start giving the above excuses, she just gives me the look and any of you that know her, know the look. Now, you have to realize it’s not personal and she just wants what is best for me.

At 5:15 this morning, I was tired and  really did not want to go running, but I did and I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. It wasn’t my best run, but it was much better than sleeping.


Megan and I are blogging our way through the 24-Day Challenge, but this does not last just 24 days. This is a challenge that I will be fighting forever. After next Wednesday (Day 24), I will not go back to eating doughnuts that my co-workers bring or late night Taco Bell runs or whatever else.

My goal is that we will continue to keep blogging about our successes and failures along the way as this is not just a 24-Day thing.

Megan and I just placed our latest Advocare order last night and I wanted to share with you my newest favorite product, which is the MNS-E pack. It is part of the 24-Day challenge, but can be taken when not on the challenge. The pack is a little tough to follow and tough if you struggle with taking pills (as I do), but I cannot tell you the energy it brings me, all day.

You can learn more about the MNS-E pack here, as well as the rest of the Advocare line.

Megan and I love to hear your feedback.

No Excuses!


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