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Excuses are like…….

Today (Friday) is day 19 on our Advocare 24-Day Challenge, but it is much more than that and I will get to that in a minute. First, I want to talk about a personal change that has occurred with me and that is excuse making, specifically when it comes to working out.

In the past, when I knew I needed to go run, the smallest things would get in my way, like:

It’s too cold…..

It’s too hot….

I’m too tired….

I just ate dinner (an hour ago)……

I ran yesterday (or even the day before)….

I could keep going and I am sure these sound familiar to you. While many of those things are true, they are just roadblocks in the way of a healthy lifestyle. I remember a coach in high school who would use the famous saying regarding excuses and it has stuck with me since then. The hard part is realizing these are excuses and to push through the roadblocks. Yeah it may be cold, but bundle up. Yeah you may be too tired, but push through and you will actually have more energy after. An hour ago for dinner? Really? I think you’re good. Yeah it may be too hot, but drink some water and wear light clothing.

I get this can be a little harsh, but being out of shape is more than a little harsh and it lasts much longer than a 30 minute-to-1 hour workout. Like Megan said, our children are influenced on a daily basis by us and, as a teacher, the excuse making is carried down just like a gene. The last thing you want is your children making excuses in school.

To help with getting through the roadblocks, you need an accountability partner. Mine is Megan, my wife and she is incredible. When I start giving the above excuses, she just gives me the look and any of you that know her, know the look. Now, you have to realize it’s not personal and she just wants what is best for me.

At 5:15 this morning, I was tired and  really did not want to go running, but I did and I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. It wasn’t my best run, but it was much better than sleeping.


Megan and I are blogging our way through the 24-Day Challenge, but this does not last just 24 days. This is a challenge that I will be fighting forever. After next Wednesday (Day 24), I will not go back to eating doughnuts that my co-workers bring or late night Taco Bell runs or whatever else.

My goal is that we will continue to keep blogging about our successes and failures along the way as this is not just a 24-Day thing.

Megan and I just placed our latest Advocare order last night and I wanted to share with you my newest favorite product, which is the MNS-E pack. It is part of the 24-Day challenge, but can be taken when not on the challenge. The pack is a little tough to follow and tough if you struggle with taking pills (as I do), but I cannot tell you the energy it brings me, all day.

You can learn more about the MNS-E pack here, as well as the rest of the Advocare line.

Megan and I love to hear your feedback.

No Excuses!


Return of blogging…and self sabotage

So I don’t know why I slacked on the blog….perhaps it’s because I’ve been trying to stay focused on this challenge. I know that it sounds crazy (perhaps crazier if you’ve done the challenge), but days 1-10 were actually easier for me than days 11-now. Maybe it’s because of the structure. Then again, maybe it’s because I was more eager then. Whatever it is, days 11-15 have been TOUGH. I don’t know why- but I am the queen of self sabotage. If I have  great day, I will fight urges to reward myself with food. If I have a horrible day I will fight the urge to eat my feelings.  I often wonder at what point in my life did my entire existence: happy, sad, nervous, anxious, worried, etc. resort to being comforted by food. Prior to Advocare, I would have considered myself a food addict. I woke up and the first thing I thought about was food. While eating breakfast, I’d think about what I was going to have for lunch. I’d get anxious or nervous if I didn’t know when my next meal was going to be. I can’t tell you how many times I drove through or ate out MULTIPLE times a day.  Frankly, I was always kind of impressed that I didn’t weigh more than I did. No lie people- I should have weighed WAY more. All of that should have changed when I had my daughter, but kids bring on a crazy new amount of stress and I (seriously) convinced myself that it was better for them to see me happy (i.e. satisfied) than stressed. Sometimes my 3 year old would pat my belly and ask me if I had another baby in there. You know what I did? Put him to bed, swore to workout more, and then ate Ben and Jerry’s. But seriously ?! Isn’t that what an addict does? Justifies crazy ass decisions to get their drug. It’s completely me…only my drug is food. Honestly, I don’t know what ‘switch’ made me look at myself and think ‘this is a whole lot of bull crap’, but I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that my not even 7 year old told me that she ‘looked fat’ in something and didn’t want to wear it. She said it like it was nothing. Like she had heard it said so many times without impact before that it did not weight on her soul the way it had just crushed mine. That precious little lady is not fat. She is not anything. SHE IS SIX. She is six years of funny, kind, smart, and sassy. She is perfect. No amount of food was going to fix that feeling of failure. It was too bitter of a pill for any ‘comfort’ to satisfy.

THAT.That is what Advocare has let me get rid of. Have I lost a zillion pouds? No. Twenty since I started and 4 on the challenge so far. But the weight off my shoulders is immeasurable. Advocare has lessened my cravings, amped my energy, and helped me make decisions that have led to our family outings being to the produce section and on hikes…instead of the buffet. My little lady likes helping me make ‘healthy choices’ and we bond over packing her lunch together instead of shoving lunch money (don’t forget the extra $1 for ice cream!) in the pocket and running out the door.

So I get it. I get it if you’ve failed at everything before so you don’t want to invest. Then don’t. You can’t afford to buy ‘another’ thing. Then don’t. Because if your mindset is ‘fixed’ on what you ‘can’t’ do…then you won’t do it. But if you will just do me a favor…add the word ‘yet’. You can’t afford it…yet. You haven’t found anything that works…yet. If you are anything like me, that yet is going to save you. Whether it saves you from your “fat” kid….or something else that scares you away from yourself…you just haven’t found it…yet. Or have you?

Let me help you find your ‘yet’. Click here to check out what Advocare can do for you.

Feeling great and making money too

Today (Monday), marks day #8 on Megan and I’s journey through the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. After today, we have just two days left on the Cleanse Phase before we move on to the Max Phase, which involves different supplements.

I cannot tell you how good I feel. I was concerned that I would cheat on a frequent basis, but that has not happened. This is probably the time that I tell you that I cheated on Saturday night and it did not feel good.

I felt gross. No more cheating.

After cheating on Saturday night, I punished myself by pushing myself on my run on Sunday morning. I was able to run 2.3 miles without stopping!! I like to believe my cocktail of Spark and Catalyst 30 minutes before my run helped with that.

Oh well, back to the grind on Monday, which I almost prefer because there is less time to think about food. When we woke up, Megan and I hopped on the scale (as we frequently do, which is probably not a good thing), and had extremely positive results just a week into the challenge. I am not going to give you our results until the end, but its pretty incredible.

Yes, Megan and I do sell Advocare (which we will get to in a minute), but there is an easy way for you to get a 20% discount on the products.

If actively selling isn’t for you (and it’s really not for me), I still suggest you sign up as a distributor. For $79 dollars you get three boxes of Spark and a 20% discount for the rest of your life.

No monthly automatic orders.

No minimum sales goals.

No strings attached.

A 20% discount on products you may order from another distributor (like us!) anyway. There is no pressure.

Here is a link to sign up as distributor:

If you do sign up, you will have Megan and I there for you for any questions you might have.

Now on to the actively (and I use that term loosely) selling part

There are not many (legal) things out there that make you feel great and can make your wallet feel great as well. Advocare is one of them. When Megan came to me and wanted our friends and coaches Anna and Michael Smith to come and speak to us on the business end of Advocare, I rolled my eyes and was the greatest skeptic in the world.

Then a couple of weeks later, we received a check from Advocare for around $100. I was now intrigued. What did we do to get that money? I asked Megan and she had a friend sign up as a distributor and she bought some product.

Now I was more willing to meet with Anna and Michael.

While we aren’t in it for the money (more for the healthy aspect), it has been nice to receive a couple of checks for very little work.

Here are our first two checks

transparent-95031For me, the products sell themselves once you experience them. I am pretty pumped to be able to share with you our 24-day results so you can start on them as well.


I’m having an affair


I’m having an affair, and my mistress is food.  Don’t get me wrong, Advocare makes me feel amazing. I have energy through the roof, the food that aligns with the challenge is AH-MAZ-ING (how people did this before facebook support groups and pinterest is beyond me)….but it seems to address everything other than my head.   I, like every other free person in the world want a ‘quick fix’. For me- I want a quick fix for my head. Something to intercept the thoughts of temptation and make me NOT have them. Advocare does lots of things— but that isn’t one of them.

Needless to say, yesterday was a bit rough. It started out GREAT. I forgot my lunch, but quickly came up with a decent back up plan. Then I had to leave work early to pick Cameron up and get him downtown to a doctor’s appointment. I had given myself about an hour and forty five minutes to grab him,  grab lunch (Chick fil A grilled chicken nuggets and a fruit cup was what I came up with) and get downtown. Well- Atlanta traffic had something to say about that. So did the line wrapped around Chick-fil-A. So I drove through the only place that was empty on my way…Wendy’s. I ordered a grilled chicken sammy with no mayo and planned to take the bread off and eat the chicken with the lettuce and tomato. Great? no, but it would do. That and a water are all I ordered. So I get my bag and drive away towards the interstate when the smell of heaven hits my nose. Oh – in case you aren’t familiar with what heaven smells like- it’s french fries. WHAT?! This had to be some cruel joke. I grabbed my chicken (not a car friendly choice, but I made it work) and tried to ignore. Y’all- it took me an hour and a half to get to the doctor. Being late makes me super anxious- being anxious makes me eat. I’m not gonna lie. I ate some. I ate four french fries full of guilt. I didn’t even enjoy them I felt so guilty. Not because I was eating them (listen- I’m not going to be perfect every day), but because I didn’t even want to and I did anyway.

It was like my body was on autopilot and I didn’t have control.

Wait…what?!?!? That very thought is what brought me back to earth. I felt like a Kindergartner that said “I didn’t mean to do it”. I started chastising myself the way that I would if it were my daughter.

Everything we do is a choice. Ev.ery.thing. Whether it be easy or hard…right or wrong…it’s a choice. And I have to own all of mine. The fries being in the bag were not Gods way of telling me to eat them (a justification that I might have used in the past…yes- seriously)- they were a teenage food worker’s mistake. I shoved them to the ground.

When I walked into the doctors office, there was a magazine open on the only empty seat available. The message there was enough to make me chuckle.  If the french fries weren’t a sign from God- this surely was. So much so that I took a picture of it and put it at the top of this post.  There IS no magic pill. The only pill is ME. My choices, my plans, and my vision. (Just to test this, God put a King of Pop’s stand outside his doctors office giving away free popcicles…..I know that was God…those are my FAVORITE…nomnomnom…but I resisted)

The rest of the day was better, and even more so because I know that though Advocare isn’t a magic pill- it is a choice that I’ve made. The best choice I’ve made thus far. It might not work for me, but it does work with me.

What I ate yesterday: Wait…did you not read above?! Don’t do what I did. Instead I’ll tell you what I’m going to eat today 🙂

Breakfast: Yummo breakfast bowl (leftover ground turkey that I spiced with some cayanne pepper, chopped sweet potatoes, with 2 eggs over the top and a scoop of avocado)

Lunch: Breakfast was SUPER filling so I will plan to have a shake here

Dinner: New recipe! Chicken Sausage Jambalaya – you can find the recipe here

The Eternal Pessimist

As I sit here and type this, Day 4 of our 24 Day Challenge is winding down. I am pretty proud of my effort over these first days. Eating has always been my go to when I have been bored, stressed, angry, happy, you name it. Over these four days, I have used food as a tool rather than a reliever.

I am not going to lie and tell you it has been easy. It has not. After the kids are in bed is the worst. I want to go make popcorn or have an ice cream sandwich, but having my wife next to me telling me that is not a good idea is incredible. I could not do it without her.

This extends to running as well. On Wednesday night I was throwing every excuse out there to not run….. It was 9:15 PM…… I was tired….. I had work to do…… She gently reminded me how great I feel afterwards. I went and, although it wasn’t my best, I did feel great afterwards.

I take a cocktail of Spark and Catalyst prior to my run and, as I mentioned to others, it feels like I hit another gear on my run. My career best 5K is 30:30, which was a road race with other competitors. Earlier this week, I hit 31:04 running by myself. I am going to start running 5K races in September and I hope to break my record on my first one.

It’s almost freeing to come home from work and not what to first pass out on the couch or the bed. On Wednesday, we came home and I took both kids outside with the dog to practice softball. In the past, that would not be an option and they would park themselves on the couch and watch cartoons.

I say all this to tell you how much Advocare has changed my life and would love to help you change yours. Those of you that know me well know that I am two things. First, I am the eternal pessimist. I want things to not work, because I knew they wouldn’t. Also, you know I am not a salesman. If I were forced to go door-to-door for a job I would end up homeless. Point is, I would not be writing a blog on the products if they did not work.

Tomorrow marks the half way point of our cleanse phase before me move to the max portion. I absolutely cannot wait to share with you our results.

Here is the link to our site. Check out the best sellers!

Gentle and Uneventful(ish)




So I have to preface this post by saying that I have the best coach in the world. What I love about Advocare (other than the results) is the support that you get from your team. Any time I have a question, concern, weird noticing, etc. I call Anna. When I have a distributor that asks a question (yes!) , voices a concern (yes yes!) etc. I call Anna. She is awesome.

I had to say that first because what I am about to say will make you feel really badly for Anna, but it will give you insight into how the cleanse is going. I guess this is a good place to warn you that this post contains potty talk…so if that makes you queasy-take note.

You see, the first part of the cleanse includes a fiber supplement. In the past- it hasn’t been my favorite , but John has helped me find great ways to hide it so that I don’t even notice it anymore! Well- fiber has a job. And my fiber was doing it’s job….really well. Today alone I made three trips to the restroom. Before Advocare my ‘trips’ were like 3x a week…if that. THAT IS NOT NORMAL. I didn’t know that- but it’s not. So after trip #3, I texted Anna to get her advice (should I back off on the fiber? Am I missing a component to my diet that might balance things out?) Y’all- I texted the woman about poop!! And you know what? She responded. Without hesitation we had a discussion to figure it out. Yup. Poop. Now, I know what some of you all are thinking- I’m not taking that -I don’t want to poop at work. But never fear. I’ve been on antibiotics for a LONG TIME over the past few months (surgery, ongoing ear infection, etc.) and I think that is impacting how much the fiber is impacting me. When I’ve done the cleanse in the past, it has not been like this. Now- I will point out that even with my ‘trips’ being more frequent, they are not painful or urgent. I’m not cramping or otherwise uncomfortable. I giggle a little because when Anna explains this part of the challenge (much more appropriately than I am sharing here), she describes it as ‘gentle and uneventful’….I would more describe to day as ‘eventful but gentle’.

Other than that- today was great. I had so much energy that my 7am-7pm work day wasn’t even a thing. I plowed straight through and ate my planned meals. I can tell that my hunger isn’t as aggressive as prior to Advocare. There are tiny bowls of Hershey kisses all over my office, and usually I’d swear that if you stood still- you could hear them calling my name. Now- it “aint nothing but a thing”. Not only that, but usually I’d be STARVING by 7 pm (especially when I ate an early lunch at 11:30). Again- this would be my excuse to ‘grab something’ and drive through diet. NOT TODAY. The freedom that controlling my hunger gives me is empowering. I can’t decide if I like that or the energy better.

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have to choose!

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: vanilla meal replacement shake with 1 scoop of PBFit and a banana (those who                          know me know that I am not a shake person, but this was AWESOME and it                                  tasted like a bananas foster milkshake!)

Snack: banana (I know…but I was trying to combat the fiber!)

Lunch: leftover salsa chicken w/ quinoa

Snack: apple

Dinner: Hummus chicken ( with squash and zucchini and kale and broccoli slaw salad. The chicken was a new recipe and it was DELICIOUS! Find it here.

You can find the challenge, and the meal replacement shakes (and everything else!) Here! 

Have a great night y’all!!

Fighting temptation and cravings

This is a nice change for me as I am used to researching and writing about baseball, so here is my take on the first two days of our Advocare 24-Day Challenge

The 24-Day Challenge is tough, probably why they use the word “challenge”. Through two days, my energy level is way up, but I am fighting cravings pretty hard. There are yogurt tubes in the fridge or wheat bread in the pantry, etc. While those foods may not be too bad, they aren’t cleanse (first 10 days approved) as gluten and dairy are tough on your digestive track and the cleanse cleans it out.

So what was our go to snack tonight?

We bought a giant container of PBFit from Sam’s Club. It is powdered peanut butter that you mix with water. I used to be very skeptical of this as we have had PB2 (squared) before, but this PBFit tastes like whipped PB. Dip some celery in it and you have a delicious snack that is cleanse approved.

Another key factor on the 24-Day Challenge is drinking enough water. You are supposed to drink 1/2 your body weight and for me that is roughly 130 ounces of water. With a fiber supplement, not drinking enough water causes me to feel bloated and gassy. When that happens, I can tell I haven’t had enough water.

I want to take a minute and talk about the magic of Spark. I used to drink three Monster energy drinks a day, which is not only bad for you, but also bad for your wallet. Spark, Advocare’s Energy powder, has not only replaced Monster, but also soda. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I had either. Here is the math

3 monsters per day = $7 dollars

$7 dollars a day = $217 dollars a month

I can get Spark for less than half and that and that is not even including Soda I would drink.

Olivia had softball practice tonight and we had to leave straight from school. In the past, we’ve stopped at either a gas station or McDonald’s to grab food. Today, we did stop at a gas station, but it was only to get snacks for O’ie and Cam. I had no interest in getting anything for me other than a small pack of almonds. I was able to make it until after practice, which ended at about 7.

2 days down and 22 to go. We’ve got this and can’t wait to share with you the results. And as always, here is a link to our Advocare store. I highly recommend some Spark.

Thanks for reading!

Imperfect perfection


So because John and I recognize that you don’t want to hear from both of us (although we are super fun…so you might want to reconsider…)—we will alternate posting for the first 10 days of the challenge. After that, we will see what feels right. We just really want to make sure that people know what to expect when they are on the challenge, so…..

I owned my life today y’all. Like hard core. No- everything was not perfect, but it was so perfectly imperfect and I had the energy to enjoy and take on every bit of it. Of course mornings are hectic, but I followed the challenge and was out the door on time (ish). An early switch in plans had me hustlin’ (you just sang ‘Every day I’m hustlin’ in your head….) and it was okay. Normally I’d be frantic and a bit frazzled and would totally swing through Chick-fil-a (oh my yum) for lunch and use the stress of the day as the excuse not to eat what I packed.

I don’t know if it is because I am being intentional about paying attention to the challenge this time or if I’ve always noticed this, but my energy today was awesome! Not in a jittery, uncomfortable way. More in  the way where you look back on the past few hours and think “Holy crap I got a lot done”. I was super productive, upbeat, and just ‘with it’ today. The craziness of after school was enough to throw me over the edge on ANY day (challenge or not) and I just nailed it. Well- nailed it…ish. In a moment of weakness I shoved a ‘Chips Ahoy’ in my mouth in the car and as the sugary carbs started to melt I was like “What the heck are you doing? You’re really gonna go down today for a cookie?”….and then I may or may not have spit it out the window while driving from Walmart to swim lessons (what? very few options were available other than that and ‘eat the cookie’)

Look- it was an awesome day. I can’t promise that every day will feel like this, but I can promise that they won’t feel like this if you don’t try SOMETHING.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and morningstar protein sausage

Snack: almonds

Lunch: Clean eating turkey chili (recipe here)

Snack: Banana

Dinner: Salsa chicken over quinoa (recipe here) and grapes

Snack: celery with PBFit (the Sams club version of PB2)

Advocare tip for today: The 24 day challenge app was uber helpful is staying on track and seeing what I needed to eat. I know that I didn’t do perfectly, but I’m pretty sure I did great.

—- Megan 🙂

PS: Here is the link to the 24-Day Challenge so you can take a look at what we are going through. We have other great products as well. Have questions? Just ask!!

At the Starting Line….Again

We’ve been together for almost 12 years. During that thing very few things have remained constant. They are:

#1 Our love for each other (most of the time)

#2 Our love of food (all of the time)

#3 Our unhappiness with our physical appearance

We are a fun, smart, professional people…so why has it been such a struggle to get this whole ‘healthy’ thing down?!? To be honest- because it isn’t easy. We have so many priorities (kids, house, work, sports, etc.) that we have let the “urgent” become the “important”. For more often than I am willing to admit, we thought they were the same thing.

In an effort to set a better example for our children, and add a better foundation to our marriage- John and I have set out on this adventure of wellness. Based on the support, and past results we’ve received- we’ve been finding support in our Advocare journey. This journey has begged as many questions as it has results. As John and I approached our next 24 Day Challenge, we decided that we were going to blog our journey. The good, the bad, the ugly. The successes and the failures. All.the.things. We will each check in often to chat about what is going on with us, both to give two different perspectives as well as the male/female opinion. Wish us luck!

This is just as much to show what the challenge is as it is to show what it isn’t.  It’s as much to hold us accountable as it is to celebrate our victories.  Advocare is awesome for us…we just hope we can help show other people that it might be awesome for them!

For more information on Advocare, check out our site!

Megan and John